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"He seemed in training like he still really loves the game, which was interesting to see at his age," Donovan responded."Sometimes at that age you're old and tired, but when he was with us it seemed like he still had a passion for it and he still enjoys it." NOTES: When asked about the Ruud Gullit era, Donovan said, "It wasn't a good situation, I don't think, from anyone's standpoint. The Red Stars acquired the international rights to four players in the International Draft, including Christiane (Brazil), Heather Garriock (Australia), Karen Carney (England) and Caroline Jonsson (Sweden). The Red Stars can begin negotiating with each player after getting permission from that player's current club.I think it was just better to move on and get on with it." ... As for Beckham-mania, Donovan said, "It's probably worn off a bit from sheer numbers. Attention has now turned to a crass and controversial former footballer named Cuauhtémoc Blanco—known to his fans simply as Cuauh.

Blanco is considered to be one of the greatest Mexican footballers of all time.

1 in Temxico, Mexico, a troubled municipality about 80 km outside of Mexico City, where she promised to combat crime and corruption.

Mota, who went about her business without bodyguards, was murdered the next morning as armed assailants burst into her home.

The two former rivals have put the bad blood in the past and now have nothing but good things to say about each other. "During the All-Star game, being with him, he seems like a nice guy," Donovan told me. Obviously on the field, what happens happens, but I have a lot of respect for him.

"All we used to see of each other was on the field. But just being around him, he's a quiet, shy, nice guy to be around." What did Donovan learn about Blanco during the All-Star week experience?