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Shannen Doherty Le Var Burton Chris Long David Jackson Noel Nosseck Michael Zinberg Stuart Gillard David Straiton John Behring Richard Compton Michael Schultz James L. The Charmed literary franchise is a series of novels and short stories based on the eponymous television show, which aired from 1998 to 2006.The first work in the literary series, "The Power of Three", is a novelization published in November 1999 of the series pilot "Something Wicca This Way Comes".The franchise consists of forty-four novels and eleven short stories released in two anthologies, with ten guide books and scholarly essay collections on the show also made available.Writers for the novels had to gain approval from Paramount Pictures or CBS Consumer Products to insure that they followed the canon established by the television series.

Uttering an ancient incantation, the sisters have awakened a powerful magic called “power of three” which has opened incredible abilities in them.

Phoebe works as a psychic at a hotel to help others and make money for Prue's birthday present, the ghost of a recently murdered man who needs help finds she can see him there.

Piper falls for him and Prue discovers a devastating betrayal.

Prue meets Andy having lunch with his ex-wife and she feels betrayed.

When Prue, Piper, and Phoebe are in the kitchen discussing Mark being a ghost, Phoebe asks "How do we know he doesn't really belong in hell? He's one of the innocents we're supposed to protect." But in later shows, they can see evil ghosts.