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The long-standing rivalry between these two strong-headed former friends has been going on longer than just about anything ever in the sport. It’s almost crazy enough that it could have become a pro wrestling-like storyline in the twists and turns of the relationship.Tito claimed that too many of the fighters in the UFC were essentially “slaves” for White and the UFC, as they are not getting anywhere near enough of the profits, despite the fact that Ortiz himself has been seen pulling in chunks of pay that borderline on the level of absurdity given his record over the past five years.He was subbed by Mir in a weird bent-arm lock where Tim's arm snapped, and he was half KO-ed when Arlovski heel-hooked him.I think he can survive for awhile on the ground against Monson.Those who pre-order will gain access to Bas Rutten, Kazushi Sakuraba, and a Mystery Fighter. "Our first two pre-order fighters, Bas Rutten and Kazushi Sakuraba are perfect additions to what is already the biggest roster ever for an official UFC game.Adding them is huge, and fans are going to go nuts when we reveal who the mystery fighter is," said creative director Brian Hayes.

There will also be new game modes like KO Mode and UFC Ultimate Team, along with a Grapple Assist tool that offers visual cues to signal perfect takedowns, ground game transitions and submissions.

But perhaps no one involved in the sport has ever been more in the limelight than UFC President Dana White, who has created a reputation for himself as being not only one of the most honest, but also one of the most foul-mouthed businesspeople on the planet.

White’s personality is a strong one, which demands respect.

When the Jason's and Danny's mother comes home with a new prescription painkiller, the two are introduced to one tiny pill that would forever change their lives.

They quickly find themselves at the height of Boston's Oxycontin drug trade.