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The screenplay based on a novel by Claire Cook is uninspired, its burdened by cliche and amazingly enough there is not a shred of chemistry between the two leads. I mean, you talk about the bad script, I thought the script was excellent. I think this whole idea of dating when you reach that age is wonderfully conveyed. Just when you're choking on Hollywood-strength treacle, things improve with Elizabeth Perkins as the acid-tongued voice of experience and a simultaneously anxious and laid-back John Cusack.

With so many good ingredients MUST LOVE DOGS is a big disappointment. Thereafter, it's a low-wattage escapist feel-good fantasy by numbers.

Recently divorced Jake is a builder of wooden canoes, he spends his free time getting misty watching DR. Meanwhile Sarahs recently widowed father, Christopher Plummer has dating plans of his own and hes not shy about using the internet either with some interesting results in the form of Stockard Channing. This is pretty much a first date movie for people of a certain age, not that it gets off to a great start.

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Writer/director Gary David Goldberg has a background in television sitcoms, his third feature after a long absence from the big screen cannot be seen as a triumph. Then the formula kicks in: multifarious family, endearing Dad, gay friend, shaggy dog, etc.Her father has a chance meeting with the other man, which convinces her to find what she has been looking for all along.I fail to see why producers of romantic comedies continually cross the line of acceptability for the family audience.Sex: Many comments and lines about having sex; Many slang terms for having sex are spoken throughout the film; unmarried couple have sex; Man talks about porn sites; Couple drives all over town looking to purchase some condoms so they can have sex." In this comedy, newly divorced Sarah Nolan (Diane Lane) is a 40-something woman who dreads the thought of re-entering the dating scene.But her persistent family has other ideas and creates an online personal ad informing men that Sarah is voluptuous and that any man of hers must love dogs.

Must love dogs online dating