Whoever wants to chat and talk about all kinds of topics comes here.

Since 1996, we have been trying to provide you with a good online community and free chat room.

So why should we keep messages for so long on Facebook?

Simply because we are lazy or don’t have time to spend to delete all the chat messages.

We know deleting messages on Facebook is time taking and hectic. If you are interested to know how to delete Facebook chat messages with all at one click, continue reading.

Facebook has options in its wallet to allow people to delete messages in an efficient way.

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The table below lists all the available chat rooms, and displays how many people are currently talking in each room.This makes us one of the oldest online communities on the internet. Mobile version of Quickly send mails to your friends with your phone or check whether they are currently online in the chat. I mean you can't really fight over the internet. By default this plugin works depending on whether or not sv_alltalk is on.It can be forced to be on all the time, as well as setting custom colors for messages that come from admins.