Parcel post delivery confirmation not updating

I encouraged all my Facebook friends to check out this site and read the alerts! I don't believe any delivery service will just up and E-Mail you for a package.

First thing is they probably don't have your E-Mail address anyway.

Courier companies partner with each other in order to provide their services everywhere.

We got the Fed Ex scam E-Mail already, but the I see on both my Facebook and Paypal accounts, that I listed for bid, sold the item (a tablet), collected the money and the transaction took place. This gentleman wants his items, that I don't have. How can I keep this person out of my access to my account? I don't want this man to think I am a scammer, and up my security. I am constantly getting these types of emails through my gmail account.

Tracking is also helpful when reporting a lost shipment.

If a First-Class Mail or Priority Mail shipment has not arrived within five (5) Postal business days from its date of mailing, you can report the loss via phone or web: Package must be greater than ¾ inch thick.

The Confirmation Number is located at the bottom of a shipping label (circled in the diagram to the right). Please note that confirmation numbers are only retained for six (6) months.

Expecting packages shipped to your home this holiday season? You can also find information regarding any updates, etc., at JAVA's website. It's not safe anywhere anymore, online or offline.

Parcel post delivery confirmation not updating