Dating pregnancy late ovulation

and she didnt really give me an answer as to how far I was after this so it could be 4w and some odd days or 5 weeks. So your scan may show you at like 6w5d or something, but not 5w.They add two weeks before you ovulated to your gestational age, which is different from fetal age/time since ovulation. my first pregnancy, based on LMP I was due Nov 5 but at my first ultrasound I measured 7w5d with a due date of November 10.I believe I conceived 4 weeks ago instead of 5 weeks ago..

Is it possible I conceived 21 days after and still be 6 weeks 5 days or would I be 6 weeks 1 day based on the dating ultrasound.. I'm just not sure if the ultrasound would measure that. See I'm not sure of my last period because it was late due to me starting and stopping birth control within a couple weeks of taking it.. If I go by my original cycle before the birth control I would have ovulated probably the 14th of january.To be perfectly honest, I’d say we handled the possibility of miscarriage fairly well, diving head first into work and trying to pass the days.The only true sense of optimism we were hanging onto was the fact that I had just stopped taking the pill when I found out I was pregnant and as most women know, the normalcy of your cycle takes a serious detour into crazytown.I would seriously speak up if you know you did not ovulate on day fourteen!I was curious if you ovulated late and conceive late.. Would your due date be the same or would it be a week off based on ovulation and conception?