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However, this time Max has brought his frequent songwriting and co-producer Shellback with him, whom Katy has (surprisingly) never worked with before.

"It is impossible to separate a cube into two cubes, or a biquadrate into two biquadrates, or in general any power higher than the second into two powers of like degree; I have discovered a truly remarkable proof which this margin is too small to contain." Quite a list of distinguished mathematicians!

It is interesting that Dickson gave the first name of only one person on this list.

Perhaps it was because of all the names given, he felt that Sophie Germain would be the least recognized by most readers.

If your cycle lasts longer than 7 days each month, or you have heavy bleeding or clotting, contact your doctor or OB-GYN.

Your first period PMS Menstrual cramps Missed or irregular periods Everyone deserves a safe, healthy relationship.