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Purcell actually doesn’t like to send specific job descriptions to clients for exactly that reason. Things like relationships, confidence, less definite skills, and proper presentation of experience make a difference and often can help candidates overcome a perceived shortage in qualifications.

“If you were to ask most hiring managers if they care about somebody that has every skill listed, versus somebody that has four or five [relevant skills] with a good attitude and a good work history, they’re all going to say they care about the type of person, not some brand new technology skill,” Purcell says.

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Related: 4 Steps to a Better Management Technique MBWA is meant to be random, but not aimless -- with managers taking a closer look at everything from the environment, company hardware, or employee productivity.

This workshop is designed to train participants to use a new method for analyzing data from visual artwork.

Often attributed to Hewlett-Packard founder David Packard’s practice during the 1940s, MBWA was put into more widespread use at HP in the '70s.

The expected benefit is that a manager, by random sampling of events or employee discussions, is more likely to improve alignment, morale, productivity and other business outcomes.

Participants can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the implementation of the method, and learn strategies for applying the method at their home institution, including potential for adapting the method for use in their own work.

When professionals were asked why they didn’t apply for jobs they felt unqualified for, in a survey written up this week at the Harvard Business Review, few said they felt they couldn’t do the job well.

The reasons had more to do with our propensity to take intimidating job postings at face value.

They put in everything that’s in their environment, every sort of technology.” Hiring managers get overexcited and list too many things, even though only a few parts of the description are truly core.

But the term “requirement” gets read very literally, and scares people off from jobs they could well get.