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Mars is nearing opposition on May 22 when it will be in a straight line alignment with Sun and Earth in between.

At opposition the full face of the planet is lit by the Sun which is behind us at night.

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Mara is also currently moving closer to Earth and will be closest to Earth on 30 May at 75 million kilometers so its angular size is biggest while its full face is lit by the Sun, hence Mars can be easily spotted as a bright red dot in the night.

Appendix I lists the most critically endangered animal and plant species; international trade in these species is prohibited except for very limited noncommercial purposes.

To demonstrate that applicable conditions have been met (e.g.

Jupiter shines extremely brightly together with the brightest star Sirius shines in the sky in the overhead in the night skies, while the second brighte st star Canopus shines nearer the south.

However, the limelight is taken this month by Mars and Mercury which show movement in the skies.